Terms and conditions of sales

Terms and Conditions of Sale


General Information

Giving deer / Finally Now ApS

Established in 2016

CVR. nr. 37627895

Tronkærlund 32
DK-8541 Skødstrup

E-mail: info@givingdeer.dk
Phone: +45 28 90 19 41



At www.givingdeer.dk or www.givingdeer.com you are able to pay with VISA/Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Maestro, and MobilePay.

We will only transfer the money when the product is shipped. It is not possible to transfer an amount of money larger than the one you have approved by agreeing to the sale. We reserve the right to any possible credit card fee that has to do with your purchase.



We use GLS for delivering in Denmark and EU.

GLS provides the following types of services in DK:

  • Deliverance to a GLS parcel
  • Deliverance to a business address
  • Deliverance  to a private address

For a deliverance to a GLS parcel or a business address, the carriage price is 39 DKK including VAT. If you wish deliverance to a private address, the carriage price is 59 DKK. 

Normally, GLS delivers the day after the shipping but in rare cases, the delivery time may be longer. Typically, we are shipping your product by one or two weekdays after your order but in some cases, the delivery time may be longer.

GLS provides the following types of services in DK:


Right of Cancelation

When buying our products you have the right to cancel the agreement within 14 days. 

The right of cancelation expires 14 days after your receiving of the order. 

Before the 14 days have passed, you have to send us a message where you present your wish to cancel your buy. 

The message has to be sent to kundeserice@givingdeer.dk. It is important that you  clearly express that you want to use your right of cancelation, and that you state the order or invoice number of the product. 

You can not cancel your  purchase by refusing the receivement of the order without sending us a clear message where you describe the matter.



You must return your order to us without unnecessary delay, and within 14 days after you informed us that you wish to cancel your purchase. You have to pay for the direct expenses regarding the return. 

Regarding the return, you are responsible for packing the product in a secure way. 

You are responsible for the product from the moment when the product is delivered.


The conditions of the product when returning

You are held responsible for any damage to the worth of the product if it has to do with a treatment of the product in a way that is not necessary for telling what the product is, the abilities of the product, and the way the product works.

Remember that the product always has to be returned in a justifiable packaging, to avoid damaging the product.

In case the product has been used for more than described above, we are considering it for used. This means that if you cancel your buy, you will only receive a partial amount of the amount of money you paid or nothing at all, depending on the conditions of the product.


Refunding of payment 

In case you regret your purchase you will, of course, have your money refunded. In the case of any damage to the product, that is your responsibility, then the required amount will be deducted from the refunding. By returning the product, in case you want to cancel your buy, you are responsible for any expenses that may occur. 

We will refund your payment without unnecessary delay and never later than 14 days after the day we received your message regarding the cancelation.  We are refunding you by using the same means of payment as the one you used when you paid for the product unless you have been clear that you want the transfer by using another means of payment. 

We have the right to withhold the refund until we receive the product unless you have, by then, giving us legitimation that proofs that you have indeed returned the product. 

If you cancel your buy, the product has to be sent to:

Giving Deer Aps
Tronkrælund 32
DK-8541 Skoedstrup

Following the product, you must attach a copy of the confirmation of the order. Please notice that we do not receive packages that are sent cash on delivery.  


Right of Complain

If you receive a product that has a defect or have been damaged, please inform us as quickly as possible, by sending an email to: kundeservice@givingdeer.dk 

Your buy is included by the Danish Sale of Goods Act, and therefore the laws of absence. Depending on the situation you are in, you will either have your product fixed, your product replaced, your money refunded or you will get a discount. When complaining you have to state the order number or another identification of the deal of the buy.  According to the Danish Sale of Goods Act, you have a total of two years of right of complaint from the day you received the product. 

It is a requirement that the complaint is legitimate, and that the defect of the product is not a consequence of using the product in a wrong way or treating it in a damaging way. 

If the complaint is legitimate, will we naturally refund your reasonable expenses for shipping it back to us. If the complaint is not legitimate, you have to pay for the transportation, including our expenses for shipping when returning it after investigation. 

Please notice that the product always has to be sent in sensible packaging. We recommend that you get a receipt for the shipping because of the fact that the product is your responsibility until we receive it. Therefore, please, keep the receipt including information about the cost of the shipping and possibly the track and trace number. 

When you return the product, please give us a detailed description of the problem with the product and inform us about the invoice number or the order number as well.

Please notice that we do not receive packaging that is sent cash on delivery.

The product must be sent to the following address:

Giving Deer Aps
Tronkærlund 32
DK-8541 Skoedstrup


Personal Data Policy

To make a deal of sale with us, we need the following information about you:

Phone number

We are registering your personal data for the purpose of delivering your product to you. 

We are keeping your personal data at Giving Deer Aps for five years. Afterward, we will delete the data from our server.

When collecting your personal data on our website, we always make sure that you have approved it and that you are well informed about what kind of data we are collecting and what we are using it for as well.

The managing director and the staff at Giving Deer Aps have access to the data that have been registered about you. Giving Deer ApS, Tronkærlund 32, 8541 Skødstrup, is responsible for all of the data at info@givingdeer.dk

All data about you will not be passed on or sold to a third party. 

As a person with registered information at Giving Deer ApS, you always have the right to reject the registration of your data, as well as the right to have insight into the information that we are registering about you. 

In very rare cases, it happens that costumers have problems with ordering our products. Normally this can be solved with a little advice from us. Therefore, we will contact you so that we can help you get through with the process as fast and simple as possible. 


Reuse the Tray

We recommend that you save the tray of our product year after year and only buy new covers. By doing this you decrease the use of resources and you save money. Giving Deer reserve the right to contact costumers before the start of the sale season, so that we can clarify if they wish a new cover. We are doing this to make sure that Giving Deer ApS always is able to deliver. 



If you wish to complain about your buy, please let us know at our customer service at:

28 90 19 41

If it is not possible for us to find a solution collectively, you are able to present the complaint to the Danish Center for Solutions of Complains, Nævnens Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg.

You can complain to the Danish Center for Solutions of Complains here

The EU commission’s online portal for complaints can also be used by giving them your complaint. This is particularly important if you live in a foreign country within the EU. You can give your complaint here  – http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When giving your complaint, you must give our E-mail address kundeservice@givingdeer.dk 


Reservations and Exemption of Liability

Giving Deer ApS makes certain reservations for possible changes of fees, price errors and spelling errors, technical issues, sold-out products, and furthermore force majeure’s like industrial actions and defects and delays that are caused by subcontractors.



The terms of terms and conditions of sale have been updated 05-02-2020