Private Label Advent Calendar

Private gift and packaging with a private label advent calendar

At Giving Deer we are giving you the possibility to set your own touch to the surprise for the employee or an extra give-away for the customer with our private label advent calendar.
December is filled with candlelights, joy, and it is a celebration of giving. Our B2B solution lets you personalize your advent calendar just as much as you want.

We are putting you in charge and letting you decide how you wish our B2B calendars, to be modified so it fits your company the best. This applies both to design, inlay tray, content in the calendar, and wrapping. All you have to do is to make up your mind about these four simple questions:


  1. Do you want to use a private label design or a design from Giving Deer
  2. Do you wish to have the advent calendar made customized for your company’s products, or do you want to use the standard models of Giving Deer for the advent calendar?
  3. Do you wish to use your own content in the calendar, or do you want Giving Deer to provide the content?
  4. Do you want to pack the calendar yourself, or do you want our help?



It works as a total solution, where it is possible for you to adjust every element in our B2B advent calendar. There are many types of customers and solutions and Giving Deer, and the specialists behind it, have lots of experience with making greater or lesser projects with the customer. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in how we can help you to spread as much joy to your employees, coworkers, or customers as possible. 

Customer cases – see examples of different private label solutions

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