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Giving Deer

GIVING DEER is a new entrepreneur company, which offers a unique and innovative concept of advent calendars. We are very concerned about the quality of our products, the environment, the sustainability of our products and last but not least: a beautiful design.

The story behind

The idea of a self-mixed advent calendar emerged in December 2014, when we struggled to find an advent calendar for our oldest son, Oskar, who is five years old. Oskar has an allergy to nuts, and also he is, in general, a bit picky about what he eats. Due to his allergies, all sorts of chocolate calendars were a no-go. We found an alternative in another type of calendar with the content being of sweets, and that also had windows to open. Unfortunately, this calendar caused many days with tears anyway, because the content did not match his taste. We ended up trying to replace the content ourselves, and the idea of our concept came to mind. We made some research and came to the conclusion that the concept was original, and could not be found on the market. After a lot of considering and many hours of preparatory work, we made the decision to let the idea become reality. We are very pleased and proud of the result and we are sure that it will bring plenty of joy to many homes.

Made in Denmark

Giving Deer is based on Danish values and it is essential for us, that the concept and design are developed in Denmark. All of our production is located in Denmark as well, since we care about the society we live in.


Our carton sleeves are FSC certified. This means that we pay regard to the environment. You can, with a clean conscience, buy our sleeves because there will never be cut down more trees in an FSC-forest than the forest is able to reproduce. FSC is also guaranteeing that the flora and fauna in the forests will be protected and that the people working in the forests are well-educated and that they always will have excellent safety equipment and a decent salary.

Reuse the Inlay Trays

Our inlay trays are better and stronger than normal ones, which means that you can reuse it year after year so that the only thing you will have to buy is a new cover. 

“The idea with Giving Deer started, when our oldest son Oskar was diagnozed with allergies towards nuts and therefore couldn’t eat chocolate.”

Rie Østergaard Nielsen

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