Season starts the 27/9-2020

Season starts the 27/9-2020

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“The idea behind Giving Deer arised, when our oldest son, Oskar, was diagnozed with allergy towards nuts and therefore couldn’t eat choclate.”

– Rie Østergaard Nielsen, Founder


The story behind Giving Deer 

The purpose behind advent calendars during December is to create joy and happiness. In 2014 this was not the case in our small family, which today, consists of mom Rie (37 år), dad Patrick (38 år), Oskar, Gustav, and Julie, respectively 10, 7 and 4 years old. At that time, we bought a standard advent calendar for Oskar, from a well-known candy brand at the local grocery store. An advent calendar that did not conflict with Oskar’s allergies towards nuts. Every morning Oskar was quite excited because he was about to open his advent calendar and earn his treat, but often the excitement turned to disappointment when the content was revealed. In that period Oskar was not very adventurous, and often he was not familiar with the contents of the advent calendar. As parents, we tried to keep the spirit high but actually, to some extent, we shared his frustrations because some of the content was certainly not that good and it was definitely not targetted Oskar. 

Looking back we should just have bought 24 individual smaller sweets or presents for him ourselves because we, as parents, knew what his favorite flavors were. Despite this, we wrongly chose the easy solution, but also because we liked the tradition where one is opening a door of carton every day as a count down for Christmas. 

This situation was what kick-started Giving Deer.

Giving Deer today

Giving Deer has melted two great Christmas traditions together. We have removed the random, not customized, and monotonously content out of the advent calendar and reused the same principles we know from the DIY advent calendars instead, where the content is 100% fitted to the receiver of the advent calendar. 

At Giving Deer you can customize an advent calendar 100% so it fits perfectly for your loved ones, daughter, son, friend, boyfriend, grandparents, etc. At Giving Deer you can seek inspiration among delicious products that you can add from home. You can even buy the content and finish the calendar completely on this webshop. Besides beautiful advent calendars and reuseable inlay trays, you can find delicious sweets from quality suppliers in many price categories for all ages. Inspiration and content can easily be found and purchased on Note that besides the classic advent calendar with 24 doors, we offer an advent Sunday calendar with four doors, one for each advent Sunday. 

An advent calendar can, if done right, develop into a small piece of art that can shine in every home during December. This is one of our goals every year. Our artists are hand-picked carefully so we keep offering beautiful, modern, and unique motives each year. 

We are taking responsibility for and are supporting the society we are living in. All of our advent calendars are developed and produced in Denmark. Remember, you can reuse the inlay tray each year, and therefore you only need to buy a new carton sleeve each year. This way we minimize resource consumption and at the same time, our customers save some money.

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